Family Financial Consulting

Family Finance Consulting

For many Israeli families, the monthly expenditure burden is significantly larger than the income. This situation has detrimental effects on physical welfare, creates huge stress and of course worsens quality of life. Many tend to attribute this situation to the cost of living in Israel, but it is important to understand that there are steps that can be taken to live with financial comfort, even with an average income.

The Family Finance Consulting service offered by Marks Consultants is designed to provide financial coaching for families and allows them to achieve smart, efficient, and cost-effective financial management. As part of the service a senior financial consultant will guide the family and help them, by designing a financial plan tailored individually for them. He utilizes a variety of tools designed to minimize the household monthly expenditure, while looking to exceed income possibilities and opportunities. The program and the entire process are holistic, taking into consideration the present state and the future.

The Process

The Family Finance Consulting service is provided by a senior financial consultant from the Marks Consultants team, with experience in planning and managing family finances. The consultation includes several stages:

  1. Introductory meeting: The family members will present their current financial state and will define the financial goals and objectives of the consultation process.
  2. Gathering data: Salary, current expenses, expected expenses, assets owned by the family, and any other influencing factors.
  3. Creating an individually tailored plan: The plan will include steps for streamlining and cost-saving, developing good financial habits, identifying sources for investment and savings, and more.
  4. Personal guidance in realizing the plan: The financial consultant from Marks Consultants will guide the family throughout the duration of the process, answering questions, providing information, and financially coaching the family.

The Family Finance Consulting service from Marks Consultants enables families to reduce expenditure and save for the future. The service is recommended for any family interested in improving their standard of living and their current well-being.

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