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Marks Consultants provides financial planning, consulting and guidance services. We specialize in working with private clients who are interested in receiving the maximum yield on their assets and resources so that they can enjoy significant monthly returns.

Marks Consultants was founded by Drew Marks, a senior financial consultant with decades of experience working with large organizations and private individuals. As part of our services, a senior financial consultant personally guides each client, helping them to analyze the data and take the most cost-effective decisions for the long run.

Financial Planning with Marks Consultants

Marks Consultants financial planning excels in

Financial Consulting for Diverse Clientele:

Marks Consultants serve high management employees, salaried workers, small business owners, pensioners, owners of real estate, young families, and more. Our financial planning is custom-tailored to meet each client according to their budget and goals.

Yearly Returns:

Our consultation enables clients to make optimal use of their resources, with the aim of creating financial independence and returns year after year.

Reliability, Attention to Detail and Strategic Vision:

Our consultation takes into account all the relevant resources and considerations: existing assets, pension funds, current obligations and more.

Identifying Opportunities:

Marks Consultants' rich experience allows our clients to take a proactive, cost-effective approach in managing their assets, savings, and relationships vis-à-vis the banks.

”Years ago, I decided that I wanted to reach a state of financial independence. I got there after careful long-term planning and executing the plan, step by step, gaining invaluable experience along the way.

All of this knowledge, experience, and tools stand now at the disposal of our clients.“

Drew Marks,
Senior Financial Consultant

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Marks Consultants is ready to help you take the right decisions for your financial future, using long-term planning, leveraging and choosing the right financial investments.
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