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Marks Consultants provides a range of planning, guidance, and financial consulting services for private clients:

Financial Independence Consulting

Guidance in generating income apart from salary, by managing investments and resources and planning long-term investments.

Mortgage Consulting

Planning and managing of new mortgages or recycling existing ones, choosing the right mortgage outline for you, negotiations with the banks.

Guidance in Buying Yielding Assets

Identification and guidance in evaluating assets for investment, tailored to each client and budget

Retirement Investment Planning

Planning for retirement in the right way will allow for the maintenance of your standard of living after retirement.

Family Finance Consulting

We guide and coach families for sound and wise financial management to increase savings, income levels and the family's quality of living.

The services are provided in a personal setting by a senior financial consultant. Every plan is personally tailored for each client according to their resources, financial goals and other individual considerations.

Need financial consulting in a topic not listed in our services?
Contact us and we will provide a unique tailored consultation according to your needs, budget, and other considerations

Marks Consultants is ready to help you take the right decisions for your financial future, using long-term planning, leveraging and choosing the right financial investments.
For more details, please contact us.

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