Mortgage Consulting

Mortgage Consulting

Buying real estate is often the biggest financial transaction an individual does in their whole life. Despite this, many people do not place enough importance on these transactions and as such lose significant sums of money. Taking out a line of credit in the order of magnitude of hundreds of thousands of Israeli shekels and upwards is a complicated process that involves many variables. Proper mortgage planning is expected to save significant sums of money – sometimes hundreds of thousands of shekels.

One of the areas of expertise at Marks Consultants is mortgage consulting for private clients, with the goal of buying an asset for living purposes or as an investment. Whether for taking out a new mortgage or recycling an existing one, choosing the right mortgage outline and understanding the various mortgage loan options, knowledge of the market and experience with working with the banks and authorities, allow the company’s consultants to guide its clients throughout the process of planning a comfortable and advantageous mortgage.

The Process

The Mortgage Consulting service is provided by a senior financial consultant who is a member of the Association of Mortgage Consultants and has experience in real-estate investing. The consultation includes several stages:

  1. Introductory meeting (free): A phone call in which the consultant will get to know the client, the deal, the challenges, and the opportunities that will be involved in taking the mortgage.
  2. Work meeting: The meeting will take place in a convenient location (including an option for video call), during which the client will be able to share the aims and goals which the deal is expected to realize.
  3. Gathering data: In order to plan a maximally cost-effective mortgage, the client will share the various relevant data: income, debts, proof of ownership of other properties, and more.
  4. Planning the mortgage: Based on the gathered data, Marks Consultants will plan and present to the client a number of mortgage outlines in a comfortably manageable payment spread, with especially cost-effective returns.
  5. Personal guidance in implementing the plan: As part of the service, Marks Consultants will personally guide the client in their communications and negotiations with the various banks and authorities, through to securing a mortgage under the most optimal terms possible.
  6. Guidance after the deal: Also after taking out the mortgage – we are here for you. Available to help and advise our clients at decision points and other relevant opportunities in the future.

Mortgage consulting with Marks Consultants is the right way to buy an asset, in a comfortable, secure, and cost-effective way. Thanks to the company’s wealth of experience, familiarity and work relationships with the banks and creativity in planning the mortgage, the consultation can save tens and even hundreds of thousands of shekels in returns.

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