Retirement Investment Planning

Retirement Investment Planning

Many of us look forward to our retirement years, in which we can peacefully enjoy all our years of hard work.

However, despite the fact that for years we contribute every month significant sums to our pension fund, many have the unpleasant understanding as retirement approaches (and sometimes after it arrives) that the accumulated pension will not allow them to enjoy the quality of life to which they desire. Surprisingly and unfortunately, this is true also for many people who in their working years earned very high income. This is because the amount contributed to the pension fund throughout the years was derived from a leaner base salary, on top of which were layered various additions. 


Marks Consultants’ Retirement Investment Planning service is designed for people who are approaching retirement, or for those that have already reached retirement. The aim of the service is to find a way to take advantage of the available resources (properties, cash, Pension programs, national insurance, and more), and to extract from them the maximum possible additional monthly income.

The Process

This service is also provided by a senior financial consultant that individually accompanies the client. The consultation includes several stages:

  1. Introductory meeting: The initial meeting between the client and Marks Consultants, understanding the client’s desires and setting goals. The meeting can take place at the company office, at the client’s home or even via video conference.
  2. Gathering data: Information about the client’s assets, liquid assets, savings, debts, data from the pension fund and national insurance, and more.
  3. Creating a financial plan: Based on the raw data and the client’s goals, Marks Consultants will identify opportunities and create a recommended financial plan.
  4. Personal guidance and implementing the plan: After approving the plan, Marks Consultants will continue to guide the client all the way through implementing the plan.

The expected final result of the process is improving the client’s level of monthly income, in a manner that will continue to serve the client throughout all their years of retirement.

The process takes several weeks, and after it is completed Marks Consultants remain available for questions and additional requests.

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