Financial Independence Consulting

Financial Independence Consulting

Marks Consultants define Financial Independence as follows:

Passive income that is not from work or salary and is higher than the monthly current expenditure:

“I work because I want to, not because I have to”.

In other words, an individual that has reached Financial Independence is no longer dependent on their work as an employee or in managing their own business to make a living. The financially independent individual has built around themselves a mechanism that generates for them a sufficient amount of money each month or year.

As part of the financial independence consulting services at Marks Consultants, our clients undergo a financial coaching process with a senior financial consultant. The goal of this process is to bring the client to a situation of financial independence in the most professional way and with minimal risk. Throughout the process we carefully consider the variables that change from person to person: monthly income of the family, assessment of monthly expenditure, short-term and long-term debt, existing assets and savings, the needs of the family, the size of the financial investment required to reach financial independence, and more.

The Process

Our mortgage consulting service is provided by a senior financial consultant from the Marks Consultant team. The consultation includes several stages:

  1. Introductory meeting and defining goals: In this meeting the client will set their financial and personal goals that they are interested in achieving through the process.
  2. Gathering materials: In this step the data and resources that are at the client’s disposal will be gathered (sums of money, investments, and more), as well as their debts (loans, mortgages, and more).
  3. Identifying opportunities and creating a plan: The factors and data that were gathered will be considered in a holistic fashion and integrated by Marks Consultants to create a comprehensive financial plan. The plan will recommend investment opportunities and intelligent distribution of resources.
  4. Personal guidance and implementation of the plan: Putting the plan into action will be accompanied by close guidance from Marks Consultants, all the way until success.

Like every big goal involving profit, the path to financial independence is not a “set it and forget it” type process. 

It is a process that requires patience. Marks Consultants remains at the client’s side and accompanies them all the way through to success, ready for any question or consultation.

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Marks Consultants is ready to help you take the right decisions for your financial future, using long-term planning, leveraging and choosing the right financial investments.
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