Guidance in Buying Yielding Assets

Guidance in Buying Yielding Assets

Buying a yielding asset is a significant financial springboard for many families. The world of real-estate contains immense potential for those who are looking for investment assets.

Together with the desire to invest in a property asset, numerous questions present themselves – which asset to buy? In what area? What sum should I invest, and how much yield can I expect?

To help investors choose the most lucrative assets for them, Marks Consultants provides guidance services in buying yielding assets. The service includes identifying potential assets for investment according to the needs of the customer and helping the customer choose the right asset. Clients who choose this service enjoy the benefits of identifying assets with high profitability, reducing risk, and growing the returns that they will earn relative to their initial investment.

The Process

The Guidance in Buying Yielding Assets service is provided by a senior financial consultant, with experience in real-estate investing. The process takes place with the utmost transparency and involves several stages:

  1. Introductory meeting: In this meeting the desired features of the asset will be defined, as well as the expected returns on the investment.
  2. Gathering data: In order to help identify suitable properties, the client will be asked to share relevant data and documents: monthly income, debts, existing assets, and more.
  3. Identification of opportunities and field surveys: This is the heart of the service. Marks Consultants will identify suitable properties, visit them in person, and carry out all the necessary and relevant background checks.
  4. Consultation, recommendation, and guidance in buying: At the end of the process the client will receive recommendations for properties that match the client’s investment goals and the relevant properties will be visited in person. The company will continue to guide the client during the buying process.

The service makes accessible to the client the experience of Marks Consultants in buying high-quality properties, in uniquely high-demand locations with which the company is intimately familiar, minimizing investment risk and significantly increasing the expected returns on the asset. To maximize the benefit from this service, it is recommended to integrate it with mortgage consultation. 

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